Julian Assange: The Ultimate Anarchist?

Julian Assange has lost the plot—or has he?  The answer depends on what the founder of Wikileaks is truly hoping to achieve with his online whistle-blowing website.     If it is as he declares ‘…to enable and empower citizens to bring feared and corrupt governments and corporations to justice,’ then Assange has strayed very far from his original mission.  The only people ‘empowered’ by Wikileaks’ latest publication of facilities vital to US security are terrorists who can now access a list of strategic targets at a keystroke.    

I am a passionate proponent of free speech, especially when it aims to expose corporate fraud and government lies.  But far from strengthening democratic institutions through transparency, Wikileaks’ publication of classified US State Department and military communications threatens to tear them down.   That is not, as Assange would put it ‘principled leaking’ to ‘lead us to a better future’.  It is anarchism.   Continue reading