As a Brit living in the USA I try to keep an eye on what’s going on in both countries…the one that I currently live in, and the one where I’m from and expect at some point to return to.

Sadly I don’t like what I see from either country today though.

With a toxic cocktail of bias media, social media, proxy lies, rumours and way too much general hatred of one another’s opinions and views…it most certainly doesn’t look good for the future.

I only have to take a short drive in my car each morning going about my personal and family admin, to see that way too many motorists for example couldn’t give a damn for those others around them. Speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, tail gating and cutting one another up driving through town…all while children are running the gauntlet of walking to and from school daily. If this alone is a metaphor for the state of our countries…then we’re clearly on the wrong road to a rosy future.

Today in America we share the anniversary of the Capitol Riots…a really sad scar on modern history here. I have no doubt whatsoever, no matter what individuals think about who were the instigators, my humble opinion is that if the security actors were all doing their job correctly and proactively, not one “rioter” would have got anywhere close to breaching the building. And of course we’ve had our own problems at home back in the UK with police being threatened and killed outside of Parliament in the not so distant past.

I could give similar commentary about overcoming today’s scenarios with COVID, school and workplace shootings, getting caught in extreme events…we all need to be better within ourselves in order to expect others to accept one another…and therefore be there for one another…as opposed to being against one another!

America I would say is in a worse scenario than the UK right now. It’s the land where there are currently more guns than people after all.

If things don’t change quickly, then I have no doubt whatsoever that there will be civil war here within my life time…and I don’t have that long left as I rapidly approach seventy. For me personally, for every American citizen, and for the world that would be really really sad.

A good few years ago when I was wearing a British Army uniform, I was proud of the fact that my country and the country of my closest allies in warfare were up there with the greatest democracies on earth. Democracy back then meant strength, stability and above all unity.

Today, we haven’t won a war in twenty years. Strength, stability and unity right now is out of the window both internationally between our two great nations and with other longstanding allies, and domestically within both our nations.

It appears from where this humble and simple citizen is standing, that for way too long now, the elites of big business have way too much power over those who were put into positions by the people who they are supposed to represent. Hence why we haven’t won a war as previously mentioned during the last two decades. Politicians powered by big business, and generals powered by politicians…not a recipe for military success overseas, not when the generals are wearing their political hats, and the politicians are wearing their big business hats.

So with China, Russia and others becoming more belligerent by the day while building up their military might and threatening others by flexing their muscles around the globe, we at least need to get our acts together as a nation domestically first and foremost. Before we can take positioning ourselves as a world power seriously once again…otherwise we’re ALL in for a severe arse kicking…and more than likely an arse kicking sometime soon domestically, through ongoing long term severe aggressive civil disturbances.

There are way too many angry people who have a hatred for all that’s in front of them, political, religious, socio economic, ethnic…almost any excuse to wake up angry. We have a long way to go right now in order to live together as one nation both in the USA and UK, underpinned by strength, stability and unity with not a lot of time to play with I’m afraid.

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Bestselling author Bob Shepherd has spent nearly forty years operating in conflict areas around the world. A twenty year veteran of Britain’s elite 22 SAS Regiment with nearly two decades of private security work to his credit, Bob has successfully negotiated some of the most dangerous places on earth as a special forces soldier and a private citizen. Bob comments regularly on security issues and has appeared on CNN International, BBC, SKY News, and BBC Radio. He has also authored numerous articles and books including the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller The Circuit. In addition to writing and lecturing, Bob continues to advise individuals operating in hostile environments. For more of his insights on security and geopolitics visit

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  1. Unfortunately Bob you have put the cart before the horse. before you have stability you must have order, please explain how that can happen in today’s world when “democratic” aspirants receive large donations from individuals and entities with very narrow interests. Anyone with only half a brain knows that gun ownership in the USA is a serious serious problem. Ask why there is very little done about it. Answer ” right to bear arms”. Now look at the Bad guys. They simply closed down whole cities at 2 hours notice. Just saying for what it is worth. By the way I also wore the same uniform as you, and I could walk around Tripoli completely safe.

  2. Thanks for your insight Bob and of course agree in relation to the riots in the Capitol. The power of big business interlinked with politics is a hard one to solve. Bias media does not help the situation. One needs to read beyond the media in order to gain an understanding.for example the power of China who over the last 60 year have integrated or you could say infultrated throughout society in many countries in many ways is just one example of how complex the situation is. I just try and live life with love, compassion and understanding in the hope I can make a difference 😊♥️🙏

  3. Bob, I’m ex-services, in the UK, and wishing to hell I wasn’t!

    As for the US guns? I suspect a large number of Brits feel the same as me.
    SO WHAT!
    The US is a gun culture and I’ve no problem them killing off each other.

    All that is going on here is a political mess made by the maggot eating Biden’s last functioning brain cell. It making Biden witter on about Ireland all the time. Yawn.

    As a result of his nonsense, political US is blowing cold and colder towards the UK.
    And like mice, the UKGov are cowering behind their benches instead of telling the US State Department to ‘go forth and multiply’.

    Bulldog spirit and the UKGov?
    More like a bunch of insipid, overweight chihuahuas.
    All mouth and no trousers.

    I reckon it’s time to tear up the NI agreements and whatever, while publicly crossing Biden off our Christmas card list.
    That should really get him going towards his first stroke.
    That and ending the farce that is the “special relationship”.
    Not forgetting to quit NATO at the same time.
    (Saving money, and no more angel flights from supporting the US in their next military folly!)

    Would leaving NATO lead to the UK being invaded?
    Too late! It already has been swamped by ”BOATS R US” from France,
    Besides, who in their right mind would invade us!
    We’ve nothing worth plundering!
    Thanks to the Tories!!

    However, once cast out by the US it would open up opportunity to ‘friendship’ and dealing directly with the next world leaders, China and Russia.

    Who knows, it might end up with decent weapons and equipment for our armed forces.
    And our own little pipeline for gas deliveries.
    Way better (and cheaper) than LPG from the US.

    Hell, we might even get chucked out by the EU.
    And at last we would be FREE!

    1. Way off the subject. Maybe if you took a few minutes to think about what is rational, I think you could come up with a constructive suggestion. for instance the waiting time for a covid test in MO is 5 days. Yet the Dem Party voted nearly $800 billion to spend on defence????? Who the hell wants the US anyway?

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