It seems an awfully long time now since I could sit in my local cafe and hold council with a small group of friends on all things worldly.

In life terms it’s actually no time at all.

However, in economic terms it’s an eternity…and by the hour and not by the day, it’s an absolute disaster in the making.

Most countries in the world have opted for the population to run away and hide, for common sense reasons mentioned by at least one side of the health experts each and every day.

Hide and seek…we the people, versus the biological virus that’s now everywhere.

Many experts argue that only isolating the vulnerable was the way to go.

Only history will dictate which strategy would have been the right one, but that will be years away. After we’ve all been hit time and time again by the various strains of the virus dependent on where we live.

But for me, my concern like most others, is for myself, my family and my tribe. And weighing up the economy over the virus is a massive concern.

Yes, myself first…always, because if I’m not looking after myself, then I’m failing my family and my tribe.

As the days wear on, it’s apparent that many of the media are taking sides. But then they always have in this modern age. And sadly it appears that depending on which media many follow will depend on which side many then take.

Politicians are at odds with one another over the best way to move forward…given that all are still very much chasing the error. Tough calls indeed when even the medical scientists are also at odds with one another, and more so by the day.

We are told to hide from the virus…to me that’s like hiding from a volley of machine gun fire while taking cover from view only, but not cover from fire. But that’s exactly what we’re doing right now in my opinion.

Then at some point maybe soon…we can come out from our hiding places…and at what point does the virus viciously return with a second whack while the first is still lingering on?

If and when this happens, what then? More lockdowns…back again to “man v virus” and global hide and seek.

I live in a country where the vast majority have been fed on big pharma for decades now. Almost everyone I know here is on some form of daily medication for something, mainly minor. That arguably lowers the body’s immune system straight away. Weaning one’s self from unnecessary drugs, and taking a healthy diet as much as possible, linked with a healthy dose of physical fitness may just be the way to go from now into the future, in order to have a chance in this new much crueler world.

The less people, and the more wildlife I see every day, makes me aware of natural selection, linked to…survival of the fittest. It’s not just applicable to wildlife, but indeed to every living thing and therefore everyone too.

Scary thoughts for us all who have lived in a comfortable and often soft Western environment for some 70 years, but sadly now a very hard truth.

Many people are feeling uneasy, and that’s linked to the position that each of those individuals are in. If you’re sitting with compromising health issues, then you’re going to want to remain isolated from the outside world…but even so, for how long?

If you have lost, or are in danger of losing your job, then you’re going to want to get back to normal asap.

And what if you have both…compromising health issues and are also in a position of unemployment…what’s that doing to your mental health and of those around you?

We’re split, we’re all very very split indeed, and there are many who will only listen to government for so long.

We’re already seeing big macho men with big macho weapons turning up en mass to protest the lockdowns here in many parts of the USA.

If this continues, and the local government go ahead and take the wrong response, it could lead to catastrophic results.

So we all have our own ideas of just how we can cope while looking after ourselves, our family and tribal members. It’s now become we the people versus the biological virus versus the economy versus we the people…

Even if the virus dips sometime soon, we’re now in a giant black hole with regard to the economy. Many who have lost jobs will be offered another at a much lower rate, I have no doubt about that. And what of the many many millions who will have no job at all?

Have a plan for the future, A, B, C and even D! Go through all the what if’s. The good old military thinking of prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance (the 6 P’s) is absolutely paramount for a safe, successful and healthy future for everyone.

For me personally, I will do what ever it takes to secure the mental and physical health of each family member, despite the rules and regulations of any level of government. Feet on the ground at all times. Calm thinking…fluid situation awareness towards a successful outcome.

The members of my family who are health compromised will remain in isolation for as long as it realistically takes without leading to additional health issues that may overtake the ones they already have. The other members need to also be in a good head space…mental and physical exercise, fresh air (which is great right now almost everywhere) and plenty of natural light.

Those that continue to agree with their district government guidelines…great.

Those that don’t…need to address their concerns constructively to their local government. With good reasons as to why you disagree, along with solid ideas as to how to move forward in a better way.

I have no doubt that every Mayor in every part of the world would hope for a strong economy, alongside a healthy community…tough call at present in making both work without compromising the other, especially as hope is not a plan.


Published by: bobshepherdauthor

Bestselling author Bob Shepherd has spent nearly forty years operating in conflict areas around the world. A twenty year veteran of Britain’s elite 22 SAS Regiment with nearly two decades of private security work to his credit, Bob has successfully negotiated some of the most dangerous places on earth as a special forces soldier and a private citizen. Bob comments regularly on security issues and has appeared on CNN International, BBC, SKY News, and BBC Radio. He has also authored numerous articles and books including the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller The Circuit. In addition to writing and lecturing, Bob continues to advise individuals operating in hostile environments. For more of his insights on security and geopolitics visit www.bobshepherdauthor.com

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