America Burning, We’re All On Our Own.


New York City…not what any of us want to see.


Since March I’ve been blogging and hinting of social breakdown born from the Government’s response to COVID 19.

The longer we all sit on our arses in isolation, the more people over think what’s going on with their lives, and the lives of others.

My mantra…look after yourself, your family and your tribe. Because when it all kicks off, we’re all on our own.


Because there isn’t a police force in the USA that is truly prepared for violence through civil unrest. No one is prepared either to pay for 24/7 riot police and their attachments to sit and wait for civil unrest to happen.

Our police forces are fine for day to day stuff, and they’re stretched often enough to just do that…normal policing of their communities.

So, when we see events like those of the last 5-6 days and nights, then get the message…we’re all on our own.

As I mentioned months ago now, have a plan, another plan, and another…A,B,C…

Work out where you take yourself and your family to safety, if indeed you’re not willing to remain where you are.

Ensure that your vehicle is in good order, engine, tyres, brakes, fluids…and as close to a full tank of fuel at all times.

It’s bad times right now here in the States.

Sadly for decades into centuries, racism and inequality has never been fixed.

Good people tried to do something about that 6 days ago in response to yet another brutal death by a small police grouping on a Black individual.

Honest people joined together to go onto the streets and peacefully protest (yes it’s our right to do so).

However, like many peaceful protests of the past, this one too has been hijacked. Hijacked by individuals who are not good for any community. An agenda to disrupt, to burn out police vehicles, to burn out local businesses, to steal almost anything from members of the local community.

The street protests are no longer about the killing of a Black man.

It’s when this happens that we are all on our own.

The instigators of these violent acts who embed themselves with legitimate protests are known by authorities. I say this because if they’re not…then the authorities are not doing their job. The FBI know many of these people, why are they not being lifted on the spot…it beggars belief!

Personally, I would like to see some management structure to these peaceful protests in order that they remain peaceful. Once an instigator of violence is spotted within their ranks, they should be called out and pinpointed to the police for arrest. The people taking responsibility for continuing to execute their rights peacefully.

In addition, police management definitely needs to be held accountable. They know who the rogue cops are in their force. They too need to step up and get rid of them early on, and not go along with their mindsets whilst letting them continue to operate on the force. That way there would be no need for protests against the rogue police elements, and the people and the police could work as one…as it’s supposed to be.

The mainstream media have an important part to play here too…an impartial part. There should be no Left leaning or Right leaning media. They should be reporting down the middle, holding truth to power while operating as the “Fourth Estate.” Requiring social influence, fairness and truth without bias. But again sadly, this isn’t happening. Some of these demonstrations have had the big hitting TV news anchors in attendance on the streets. The “anarchists” see that and take their cue to play to it…in my opinion. Again, some of the protests that the anchors have covered in the past few days have been relatively small in numbers, but because the anchors are there, the news will continue to cover that area…again, all to be played on.

Right now, COVID 19 has been taking a back seat for many, it’s the economy and loss of jobs that have taken control of their lives now. Coming out to protest in the warm sunshine seems a great idea for many, having been cooked up in small confined apartments in cities around America for weeks now. After all, the Nation desperately needs to move forward if “an American” can ever be an individual of any colour or any creed.

Yet many are there for the taking, when individuals with an agenda are on the ground drumming up support for a riot…there are way too many there for easy pickings in my view.

One of the scariest things in my life was to watch just how quickly instigators can drum up support in a crowd to carry out violent acts, when an individual left alone would never dream of attempting anything like it. Mob mentality is literally like a virus, in a crowd, just too many can catch it, and before our very eyes, a small grouping becomes tens to hundreds and so on.

Sad sad days at present, COVID 19, racism, socio economic inequality, a broken global economy, yet more riots…when is it indeed all going to end?

Authorities require bold, honest and professional leadership right now…as I’m yet to see any!

Be safe, have a plan, communicate with one another, remain grounded, be kind to others…because no doubt about it, we’re all on our own here.


Published by: bobshepherdauthor

Bestselling author Bob Shepherd has spent nearly forty years operating in conflict areas around the world. A twenty year veteran of Britain’s elite 22 SAS Regiment with nearly two decades of private security work to his credit, Bob has successfully negotiated some of the most dangerous places on earth as a special forces soldier and a private citizen. Bob comments regularly on security issues and has appeared on CNN International, BBC, SKY News, and BBC Radio. He has also authored numerous articles and books including the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller The Circuit. In addition to writing and lecturing, Bob continues to advise individuals operating in hostile environments. For more of his insights on security and geopolitics visit

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5 thoughts on “America Burning, We’re All On Our Own.”

  1. Bob, it doesn’t take many disaffected trouble makers to stir the pot and bring civil unrest into the streets. We have seen it in the UK with miners, steelworkers, the disturbances in London, Birmingham and Liverpool in the early 80’s. in the UK, I believe that (at the moment) we have effective if not good leadership and a police force dedicated to community cohesion by removing criminals from society not based on race, religion, colour or beliefs but by their criminality. The US appears to have poor and ineffective leadership and a police force who believes that it is above the law.

    1. You’re talking about the UK Jonathan?
      The police are hamstrung by a politically correct rules of engagement that causes them all sorts of problems when dealing with BAME or whites, criminals or not. The judiciary also working against them in many cases..
      As a consequence the crime clear up in the UK is dire in most parts of the country.

      As for UK government.
      With 45,233 deaths and we still lead Europe with the highest fatalities from Corvid-19.
      All under this governments watch as they blathered around about closing borders, herd immunity, PPE, and testing. To actually find two senior politicians working from the same script is also ‘unusual’ to say the least.

      Yet this is not only down to one party.
      The whole UK political arena is a shambolic mess and has been for many years.

      The US is no different to the UK.
      Both have poor leadership, problems with their law enforcement, and major social, racial, equality, and financial problems, all caused by government.

      There is however one VERY important difference Bob may agree on.

      At least the US has space you can bug out to and away from everyone.
      While the UK has nowhere even close to that.
      I say that because even of you do try and go off grid and rough camp, there will always be some jobsworth from local government, their agents, or the police, telling you it’s against some law or another.

      Love it or hate it, politics is a curse of the modern Western world.
      That and the desire to make wealth above all else.
      No matter what the consequences of that policy makes and what the toll rises too.

  2. I think most sensible and Patriotic people in the UK will agree our society as in the US IS broken. I realise that when you are writing in reply on a forum or a blog that you have to be aware of not being too vocal in your political views I fear of upsetting other people or offending them and this is all part of the weak woke society that we are all being forced to accept these days. It is because of this left wing inspired weakness that we are a broken country which allows organisations such as BLM to tear down and deface our iconic statues and further demand the removal of hundreds more. It was the same organisations that glorified a black criminal while America burned. I suspect that like myself the majority of people who read Bob Shepherds blog are decent law abiding Patriotic individuals who don’t want to watch while these organisations burn and destroy our towns and cities. Like Bob I have a plan A, B and C

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