REMEMBRANCE: A Poem by Bob Shepherd


When autumn leaves are off the trees

And rot in piles having blown in the breeze

It’s the signal to prepare for another Remembrance day

For many the next one is never that far away

The older we become the less of us there are

Once upon a time we gathered for war from afar

Cover from the flanks to protect the brother ranks

Fighting through enemy positions…surviving and giving thanks

But we didn’t all come through it

And the families back home knew it

Spared once again we are the survived many

Was it really because of my lucky penny?

As the years have moved on and on

Too many of my mates are now gone

I have days when the feelings are rough

It shows that we’re only human and not so tough

Remembrance is therefore my day

When to my lost mates I can always say

You’re still here in my life and my mind

Because in the military we’re one of a kind

I now live thousands of miles from home

Even today I continue to roam

But even if I don’t stand over your grave

You’re always with me my mate so brave

On Remembrance I tab ten miles

With my Bergen and plenty of smiles

Those great days when we moved with stealth

So young but it gave us our wealth

My brothers you’re always in my head

Through the day and even when I’m asleep in my bed

Your short life was definitely not in vain

As I tab through the mist and the rain

My Remembrance is different from some

But I get through it with a tab and a run

Published by: bobshepherdauthor

Bestselling author Bob Shepherd has spent nearly forty years operating in conflict areas around the world. A twenty year veteran of Britain’s elite 22 SAS Regiment with nearly two decades of private security work to his credit, Bob has successfully negotiated some of the most dangerous places on earth as a special forces soldier and a private citizen. Bob comments regularly on security issues and has appeared on CNN International, BBC, SKY News, and BBC Radio. He has also authored numerous articles and books including the Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller The Circuit. In addition to writing and lecturing, Bob continues to advise individuals operating in hostile environments. For more of his insights on security and geopolitics visit

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7 thoughts on “REMEMBRANCE: A Poem by Bob Shepherd”

  1. Great poem Bob, none of thought about dying when we signed on that dotted line, i guess we hope we wont be that comrade who does, we remember them with respect!

  2. Excellent poem Bob, we all have good memories of fallen brothers but not forgotten, and for a lot there’s horrible nightmares of the conflicts we served in.

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