About Patricia Sabga

Patricia Sabga’s career has taken her from Wall Street to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A veteran business journalist and war correspondent, she’s co-authored three books with her husband, Bob Shepherd, including the Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller The Circuit, and the critically acclaimed novels, The Infidel and The Good Jihadist.

An accomplished editor and correspondent, Patricia has reported from all over the world for news organizations including Al Jazeera, NBC News, CNN and PBS NewsHour Weekend.

Patricia first met Bob during a siege in the occupied West Bank. He was advising a CNN International crew and she was working for a rival network.

To read more about Patricia, please visit her website.

2 thoughts on “About Patricia Sabga”

  1. Clearly a brave, talented and remarkable individual! Hope the great work continues to be produced from you and Bob………

    Rich S

  2. I had no idea Patricia was so well educated. I suspect it is one of the reasons why you two are a tour de force when it comes to your craft. I wish you both all the best in love and work, and I shall pick up a copy of the Good Jihadist post haste!
    Kudos and may this year prove ultimately fruitful for you both.

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